Sew Deadly – Issue 26

Posted on Apr 06 2011

Marcy’s Musings

Hi, there! One of my customers asked if Amanda or I was ever going to put some knitting patterns on the website. Since we don’t have the software to make knitting patterns, we thought we’d simply point you in the direction of some good ones. So without further ado:

Spotlight: Knitting

Knitting Paradise Knitting and Crochet Forum offers a free weekly knitting newsletter. The newsletter covers hand knitting, machine knitting, and crochet. Newsletter subscribers will also have access to a message board where they can get knitting lessons, free patterns, and the opportunity to chat with fellow knitters.

All Free Knitting – This site also offers a free newsletter as well as free knitting patterns. Patterns include afghans and blankets, gifts, holiday projects, children’s knits, and felted knits.

Free Knit – This site offers a free pattern of the day as well as a searchable database. If you’d simply like to browse, a menu offers patterns in wearables, special occasions, children’s corner, home decor, and afghans and throws.

Knitting Pattern Central – This site features an instruction directory, a knitting tutorial, and links to knitting patterns in more than fifty categories. They also include patterns that combine knitting and crochet.

Knitting on the Net – Barbara Breiter’s Knitting on the Net site features patterns for everyone from beginners to advanced knitters. Categories include dolls and toys, purses, bookmarks, slippers, scarves, mittens, afghans, ponchos, and hats.

I hope this helps!

Sew Deadly – Issue 23

Posted on Feb 09 2011

Marcy’s Musings

We had a fun and successful virtual launch party for Stitch Me Deadly on Facebook on February 1. There were lots of trivia questions involved. And there was a poll on readers’ opinion about which guy I should date! The majority came down on Ted’s side, but I’m still making up my mind. I’m not ready to commit to anyone yet after that whole “left at the altar” debacle, and I’m not sure either one of the guys are ready for a serious relationship either. But, I have to admit, I am in an enviable position! 😀

Also, Stitch Me Deadly is getting some fantastic reviews. Thank you all so much for your kindness and support! Here is a sampling of the reviews:

Amanda Lee’s deft use of her small-town cast keeps the intelligently crafted story line fresh. – Harstan – Barnes & Noble

There’s not much to say except I loved the book. I enjoyed the first book in the series…the second was even better. – Julie J. Cayemberg –

Amanda Lee’s deft use of her small-town cast keeps the intelligently crafted story line fresh as Marcy works her inquiry finding one viable suspect after another. – Harriet Klausner, #1 Amazon Reviewer

STITCH ME DEADLY is a well thought out, free flowing story that captures your attention and keeps you interested from beginning to end. – Kathy Fisher, The Romance Readers Connection

Sometimes, the characters in cozies take more of a center stage than the mystery plot itself. Stitch Me Deadly is a fine balance of both; terrific characters that are easy to relate to and a well constructed plot. – Kaye of Pudgy Penguin Perusals

This story was a pure delight for me to read, making my brain work to untangle the mystery right along with Marcy.  Holding my breath as she figures it out and putting herself in danger. Pages turning fast and furious to the very end.  – Dollycas’ s Thoughts
Amanda Lee has written another intriguing book of mystery and suspense. Her characters are well rounded and believable. If you’re an old movie buff you’ll find the references to movies and actors of Hollywood’s glory days to be an added bonus. – Sherry Hooker, Web of Murder


Site Spotlight: All Needlecrafts

Since All Needlecrafts is having a February needlepoint sale, I thought I should clue you guys in while there’s still time to take advantage of it! All Needlecrafts has both painted canvases and needlepoint kits on sale. Their online store also sells cross stitch, punchneedle and sashiko stitching patterns as well as yarn, fabric, floss and thread.

Oh, and don’t forget, next Monday is Valentine’s Day!

Successful Launch Party!

Posted on Feb 01 2011

We had so much fun at the Stitch Me Deadly launch party today! At one point, the book was ranked 1,477 on Amazon. I truly appreciate everyone’s support and encouragement.

Congratulations again to today’s prize winners:

Tina Connor Myers – $10 Starbucks Gift Card

Nicole Vos van Avezathe (Follow the White Bunny) – Signed copy of Stitch Me Deadly

Nancy Hill Bradford – Signed copy of Stitch Me Deadly

Lisa Tiffin – Signed copy of Stitch Me Deadly

Jessica Sharrett – $25 Amazon Gift Card

Cathy Hall – Mrs. Fields Heart Cookie Tote

Kathy Hankla Sheffield – $15 Amazon Gift Card

Melissa Lapierre – $25 Amazon Gift Card

Dee Gol – $75 Amazon Gift Card

Dee and Melissa came in 1st and 2nd in answering the following questions (see if you know the answers):

1) What is the name of the child born to Tess in Thomas Hardy’s book Tess of the d’Urbervilles?

2) What is the name of the red cartoon character in this photograph with Bugs Bunny?

3) Who had the single “Should’ve Known Better” on his 1987 debut album?

4) Who was the very first actor to portray Batman?

Dee answered in 2 minutes, and Melissa was just a few seconds behind her! The answers are:

1) Sorrow

2) Gossamer

3) Richard Marx

4) Lewis Wilson

Again, congratulations to our winners! If you didn’t get to participate in today’s launch–or if you did but didn’t win a prize–be sure to “like” the Gayle Trent and Amanda Lee Facebook page and watch for upcoming information on next month’s launch of Murder Takes the Cake.

Sew Deadly – Issue 21

Posted on Jan 12 2011

Marcy’s Musings

Hi, there! I’m so excited about the upcoming release of Stitch Me Deadly.  In honor of the event, Gayle’s daughter Lianna made a wonderful trailer for the book.

Project Spotlight:

If you’ll recall, in our last issue of Sew Deadly, Gayle was going to attempt to recreate my new pattern on a tote bag. Just looking at the photo at the left, her recreation is cute, but has a big flower instead of the bunny…. Gayle, what’s up with that?

GT: In my defense, Marcy, I put the bunny on the bag. But since I didn’t have the actual cross-stitch grid on which to work, it was really hard to keep my lines straight; and I wasn’t satisfied with the bunny’s appearance at all. So, I got the seam ripper and ripped enough of the bunny out to be able to put this huge applique flower over the rest. Hey, it’s the right color!

MS: It is the right color, and I think it looks good. I’m glad you showed some initiative and fixed the tote instead of just trashing the entire project. I’ve been guilty of that a time or two!

GT: So have I. And I have a number of “unfinished symphonies” in my repertoire as well.

MS: Unfinished symphonies…I like that. You did a good job on the writing. It doesn’t appear you had any trouble with the text at all.

GT: That turned out to be really easy. I took a blue fabric pen and wrote the text onto the bag and then simply embroidered over it. Had I done the bunny that way–rather than try to cross-stitch it–I think it might have turned out a lot better. I should have asked Lianna to draw the bunny for me–she’s really talented in that area.

MS: And in movie making! Tell her I LOVE the book trailer.

GT: I will. 🙂

MS: If anyone else has created any of the new projects, please let me know! And please also check out the new website feature, Marcy’s Shop. Talented web designer Steve Matda made it possible for you to actually visit The Seven-Year Stitch! Check out the page, and hover your mouse over objects in the store to link to free projects, Gayle’s Facebook page, embroidery supplies, the Oregon coast, Irish wolfhounds and PetFinder. Please note that some objects have more than one link, so you might have to move your mouse around a bit to find them all. Have fun!