Sew Deadly – Issue 9

Posted on Mar 03 2010

Marcy’s Musings

Hi, there! Congratulations to Dianna Salciccioli, winner of Gayle’s FreshFiction “cozy, romantic February prize pack.” Dianna won an autographed copy of Dead Pan and a sterling silver locket.

As you can see, Gayle made good on her promise to do more redwork. She started this pillowcase on Super Bowl Sunday. Hey, you have to do something between commercials, right? (Kidding!) Now if she can just find time to do the other one….

Artist Spotlight: Peter Fasolino 

I’m introducing you to Peter because he did some wonderful drawings which Gayle turned into cross-stitch patterns for The Quick and The Thread. Peter is a talented artist and also something of a noir detective film buff, so he and Gayle got along great. Peter was gracious enough to prepare these drawings this past weekend when he was snowed in.

Thank you, Peter!

Just look at my precious Angus! Isn’t this a terrific rendering?

Look for the cross-stitch patterns for these coming soon in The Quick and The Thread!