Killer Cakes – Issue #136

Posted on Jun 27 2016


Please check out this wonderful tutorial on making chocolate lace cake wraps. šŸ™‚


Killer Cakes – Issue #135

Posted on Jun 13 2016


Sometimes you need a cake in a hurry. This is especially true of cake decorators, but it can happen to anyone–your child comes in and needs a cake for the bake sale, you remember that special someone’s birthday at the last minute.out of the oven and onto the counter

In this article, Wendy McGowan shows us how to cool our cake quickly. Read it here!


Killer Cakes – Issue #134

Posted on May 30 2016


Happy Memorial Day! If you’re wanting to do something fancy (but relatively easy) for the cake you’re making for your upcoming celebration, check out this article on How to Ruffle Fondant from Craftsy!


Killer Cakes – Issue #133

Posted on May 02 2016


I found this adorable fondant raccoon tutorial from Cake Duchess and wanted to share it with you. Cake Duchess has lots of other tutorials online as well.


Killer Cakes – Issue #115

Posted on Jun 29 2015


killer-wedding-cake-web-copyThanks to all of you who haveĀ ensured thatĀ Killer Wedding Cake is enjoying a successful launch! Please note that the .99 price for the book in digital format will expire on July 6. At that time, the price will increase to $2.99. The paperback price will remain at $9.99.

So, if you haven’t had a chance to order your ebook copy of Killer Wedding Cake, please do so before the price goes up! šŸ™‚

Thank you again for your support and encouragement! Hugs!!!

Killer Cakes – Issue #114

Posted on Jun 15 2015


Today I want to share this wonderful instructional video from Liz Larson. Please enjoy it!

Killer Cakes – Issue 89

Posted on Apr 21 2014


Today is a very special day–it’s Lucas and Leslie’s birthday! In honor of the occasion, I rounded up some cakes for twins. Most of these are for babies or smaller children, but they’re still beautiful.


Killer Cakes – Issue 88

Posted on Apr 07 2014


It’s time to inspire your Easter cakes!

Killer Cakes – Issue 87

Posted on Mar 24 2014


Last week, we welcomed the first day of spring. Today, I want to celebrate by sharing with you some beautiful springtime cakes.


Killer Cakes – Issue 86

Posted on Mar 10 2014



Are you gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day? If you’d like to make some colorful cupcakes, watch the tutorial below!