Sew Deadly – Issue 98

Posted on Jun 25 2014

Marcy’s Musings

Today I want to give a shout-out to Knit Purl and some of The Seven-Year Stitch’s other “neighbors!” Knit Purl is having a special event this evening (June 25, 2014) from 6 – 8 p.m. with Lantern Moon. Knit Purl is located in Portland, Oregon.

Black Sheep at Orenco invites everyone to join them at the Orenco Farmer’s Market to crochet, knit, spin, or tat. The store is also planning a Stitch and Pitch event on August 24.

Happy Knits is offering a free pattern for the month of June. The pattern is described as a “one-skein wonder that’s a perfect addition to your summer evening outfit.”

Knitting Bee is hosting a teddy bear costume contest to benefit Camp Erin, a free camp for bereaved children. The costumes must be hand knitted or crocheted and include a hat or headband.

For the details on any or all of the above, plus additional events, sales and information, check out this article from Oregon Live at


Sew Deadly – Issue 93

Posted on Apr 16 2014

Marcy’s Musings


Do you have time to stitch up a quick Easter gift? If so, check out this adorable pattern from Just Cross Stitch magazine. M53351_Tisket_300

pattern_springbunny_main1If you crochet, you might want to make these adorable “pets” for someone you love!

How cute are they?!

If you prefer needlepoint, you might want to check out the patterns from Free

Or how about a quick card? Take a look at this pattern from Stitching Cards.fr7



Sew Deadly – Issue 82

Posted on Nov 27 2013

Marcy’s Musings

Crochet Geek teaches us how to crochet a napkin ring! So, you can make a tableful for tomorrow’s meal…or simply make one and use it as a Christmas ornament. 😉


Sew Deadly – Issue 47

Posted on Jul 11 2012

LadybugMarcy’s Musings

Amanda Lee, the author who writes about my adventures at the Seven-Year Stitch, decided to learn to crochet. Did she come to me for advice or lessons? No. She bought a kit. Actually, she bought four kits because they cost a mere dollar each. She said she wanted to surprise me with what she’d learned. Trust me, I was surprised.

The photo to the right shows Amanda’s attempt to crochet a ladybug. The ladybug instructions were included in the bug-making crochet kit. (Did I mention these kits were designed for children?) Amanda found bug crocheting a little too difficult, so she opened the heart crochet kit.

Heart?Yep, you guessed it. The…thing (if you thought it was a raspberry, so did I!) at left is Amanda’s first attempt at crocheting a heart.

But don’t despair! She gets better…sort of…. Here are the next two attempts at hearts. And they’re more heart-shaped. I’m not sure they’re supposed to have all those holes in them, but they look sorta like little faces, so maybe that was the plan. Maybe.

Do you have any advice to offer Amanda? Any stories of how YOU learned to crochet? Anything? If so, please share in the comments, and I’ll pass them along.