Sew Deadly – Issue #142

Posted on Sep 21 2016

Marcy’s Musings

roses-1167793_1280Here’s some terrific advice from Emma Allen of Perfect Little Stitches:

For some embroidery designs, you should probably use exactly the same colors that the designer used. This rule might apply to animal portraits. But for almost any other design, you will want to choose colors that make you happy.

Let’s say you want to stitch a floral design. The designer used a particular shade of purple, choosing from whatever thread colors she happened to have in her stash, and going with whatever color nature assigned to that flower. And if that is the look you want, then that is fine. But perhaps you prefer a bluer shade of purple, or one that is darker, or more pastel, or maybe you don’t like purple at all. Look through your thread stash. Those are probably the colors you like most (or why else would you have bought them?). Find a color that looks best to you, that coordinates with the fabric you are using.

You might also choose to use an entirely unconventional color scheme, perhaps all shades of a single color, or shades of gray with one bold accent color. Play around with color choices in your embroidery software, then test-stitch if you are still not sure. You will probably discover new color combinations that make your heart sing.

Source: StitchFun News

Sew Deadly – Issue #138

Posted on Jul 06 2016

Marcy’s Musings

Check out this impressive flower hand-embroidery tutorial.


Sew Deadly – Issue #137

Posted on Jun 22 2016

Marcy’s Musings

Who doesn’t love eyelet? Well, here’s a tutorial on how to do the eyelet stitch. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Sew Deadly – Issue #136

Posted on Jun 08 2016

Marcy’s Musings

Have you ever done fishbone embroidery? If not, you might want to give it a try!


Sew Deadly – Issue 135

Posted on May 25 2016

Marcy’s Musings

Hi, there! I hope you’ll enjoy this goldwork embroidery tutorial! 🙂

Sew Deadly – Issue #133

Posted on Apr 13 2016

Marcy’s Musings

embroiderypicLook at the simple, elegant embroidery on this linen kitchen towel. It’s called sashiko embroidery.

This form of Japanese embroidery uses “a form of running stitches to create beautiful patterns, which often repeat or create a tiled effect.” Read more, get free patterns, and see the step-by-step tutorial at About Needlecrafts.

As always, if you make this, please share a photo of your completed project! Happy stitching! 🙂

Sew Deadly – Issue #119

Posted on Aug 19 2015

Marcy’s Musings

Today Amanda Rolfe is demonstrating seven basic embroidery stitches for you. I hope you enjoy the video!


Sew Deadly – Issue 117

Posted on Jun 10 2015

Marcy’s Musings

Today we’re learning a basketweave needlepoint stitch from Needlepoint For Fun:



I hope you enjoy it and that you have a wonderful week!

Sew Deadly – Issue #116

Posted on May 27 2015

Marcy’s Musings

20150522_121818Today I want to talk with you guys about the big finish! And, to do so, I want to share a project sent to me by my dear friend Donna Wattier. Donna made this to commemorate the release of Wicked Stitch–my latest adventure–written by Amanda Lee.

Look at how Donna made a border around the finished design and added an adorable ribbon bow to accent the piece. She also used the same ribbon to make a hanger for the frame. See how these thoughtful touches add even more to the piece? It’s absolutely wonderful!

I know that you–like Donna–have put a lot of time and hard work into your beautiful creation. Follow her example and use your artistic flair to make your piece even better!

For more ideas on finishing embroidery projects, click the links below:

Sew Mama Sew – How to Finish Frame Embroidery

Embroidery Finishing – A Pinterest Board by Becky MacKay

Sew Deadly – Issue #112

Posted on Apr 01 2015

Marcy’s MusingsWicked Stitch

We’re only six days away from the release of WICKED STITCH! So, I have a couple of questions for you: 1) are you ready to party?! and 2) are you ready for some giveaways?!

Everybody Wins!

Gayle Trent, who also writes as Amanda Lee, is offering her standalone mystery The Perfect Woman  for free on April 7 -8 to celebrate the release of WICKED STITCH. THE PERFECT WOMAN is only available on Kindle, but even if you don’t have a Kindle, you may download the free Kindle app for your smartphone or tablet or get Kindle for PC for your computer in order to read the book.

Did you Preorder?

If you preordered WICKED STITCH or plan to order the book when it releases on April 7, please save your receipt. Black out any sensitive information, scan the receipt, and email it to to be entered into a giveaway for one of five $10 Amazon gift cards. You’ll also have the opportunity to request a signed bookplate. Just include a mailing address if you’d like a bookplate.

Let’s Party!

On April 7, join the party on Facebook! Visit the Gayle Trent/Amanda Lee page on Facebook or visit the event page directly to RSVP so you won’t miss out. The party will begin at noon and carry on throughout the day. If you’ve been to one of the launch parties in the past, you know how much fun we’ll have!

Let’s Visit in Person!

If you live in the Southwest Virginia region, I’d love to meet you! I’ll be at Books-A-Million in Bristol, Virginia on April 11 from 12 – 4 p.m., at Mountain Empire Comics in Bristol, Tennessee on May 2 beginning at 10 a.m.; and at the Nickerson Snead House in Glade Spring, Virginia on May 30, beginning at 10 a.m.