Gayle is available to speak on many subjects around writing and publishing for both adults and children. Gayle brings the fun she exhibits in her characters to her live presentations where she will both teach and charm your audience.
Listed below are details on what she would cover in some of those subjects:

Novel Writing

Do you have an idea for a novel you’re dying to write but simply don’t know where to start? Do you have a novel written but don’t know what steps to take next? Then this workshop is for you. This workshop can be conducted as an intensive full-day workshop or as a series of e-mail lessons. The program teaches students:

  • The basics of plotting
  • Characterization
  • Realistic dialogue
  • Settings and descriptions
  • Outlining
  • Marketing the finished product (agents, small presses, major publishers, self-publishing)
  • Tax help


Freelance Writing

Would you like to write for magazines, websites or newspapers? Would you like to promote yourself or have your opinions published through blogging? Are you interested in preparing op-ed pieces, essays or advertising materials? This workshop can be conducted as an intensive full-day workshop or a series of e-mail lessons and teaches students:

  • The type of articles editors are seeking
  • Where to find writing markets and jobs
  • How to find experts and specialized information
  • Writing query letters
  • Breathing life into your nonfiction
  • Networking


Making Writing Fun for Children

This workshop can be tailored to teach several groups during one full-day workshop or to teach one large group during a half-day workshop. The focus is on:

  • Using improvisation to teach children about multiple points of view
  • Teaching children how to progress a story from beginning to end
  • Encourage children by educating them about young authors who have become successful
  • Handout – a postcard containing current markets open to submissions from young writers and illustrators.


What You Need to Know About Self-Publishing

Are you considering self-publishing your book? Take this course and avoid the pitfalls. This course can be administered as a comprehensive half-day workshop or a more concise teleseminar. The course helps would-be self-publishers:

  • Determine the book’s purpose
  • Choose a print method
  • Understand what they need and how to prepare a budget
  • Avoid scams
  • Advertise and market their books


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