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theflame-GT-01-frontThe Flame

Sparks flew from the moment they met.

Beryl Madison answers her summons to teacher Terry Goodson’s second-grade classroom to defend her nephew’s “odd behavior” like an avenging angel.  It seems poor little Duncan “is having some type of fantasy ideation”–he’s been telling some of his classmates that his aunt is a superhero.

When Beryl shows up in a yellow catsuit with orange flames, a mardi gras mask, and red stiletto boots, Terry thinks he’s the one having the fantasy ideation now.  Come to find out, Beryl is merely in her work clothes.  One of her jobs is playing “The Flame” for a local television station’s morning children’s show.

The next day Terry goes to the Internal Revenue Service for an audit of his personal income tax return and learns all about Beryl’s other job.  While auditing the return, Beryl suspects that the attorney who handled Terry’s late uncle’s estate has swindled several clients.

As they work together to bring justice to those swindled by the seedy attorney, they learn that the spontaneous combustion each sets off in the other is more than a physical attraction. Could this once-in-a-lifetime explosion be the love they both want? Or will they wind up blowing their relationship to smithereens?


in her blood
In Her Blood 

Alexandra McCormick’s great-grandmother was a brutal serial killer in the early 1900’s. With her mother currently serving time in prison for murdering Alexandra’s stepfather, Alexandra decides to do her college research paper on whether or not the tendency to commit murder or other violent crimes may be passed on genetically. Her research takes her to Savannah, Georgia, a city built upon its dead. There, she meets Chad Greenway, whose ancestor is Alice Riley, the first woman hanged in the state of Georgia. Alice was put to death for killing her abusive master. As a freelance writer, Chad agrees to help Alexandra with her research provided he can write a story about her quest. Soon it seems everyone Alexandra meets winds up murdered.

This psychological thriller is a departure from the cozy mysteries Gayle usually writes, but she thinks you’ll enjoy it!

The Perfect Woman

A group of ad executives come up

with the advertising scheme they hope will save their company – the ”perfect woman.” In their endeavor to find this woman, they discretely interview a handful of women, promising the women a share of the ultimate Perfect Woman’s profits for their silence about ever being interviewed should they be turned down. Each woman interviewed has her own reasons for accepting the offer, and many think the offer is a godsend. But the godsend turns into a nightmare when a murderer begins to stalk the women, killing them one by one.

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