Books Authored by Gayle Trent



 Perp And Circumstance

Myrtle’s granddaughter Sunny is getting ready to graduate middle school. But the happy occasion is marred by Sunny’s favorite teacher being suspended for a crime he says he didn’t commit. Was he framed? Or are Sunny’s feelings clouding her ability to see clearly? It’s up to Myrtle to find out!







Soup…Er…Myrtle!: A Myrtle Crumb Mystery (Myrtle Crumb Mystery Series Book 4)

Bettie Easton thinks the M.E.L.O.N.S. (Mature, Elegant Ladies Open to Nice Suggestions) need to ingratiate themselves into Backwater society by helping out at the soup kitchen/food bank. Myrtle agrees, as long as the weather cooperates–it IS January after all, and who wants to be out in the cold and snow? But Myrtle’s heart quickly thaws when she sees the extent of the community’s need. When it becomes apparent that an identity thief is using the soup kitchen/food bank to mine for victims, Myrtle kicks her sleuthing into overdrive!

Claus of Death: A Myrtle Crumb Mystery (Myrtle Crumb Mystery Series)

CLAUSOFDEATH_TRENT_retailers Myrtle Crumb, the sassy, sixty-something sleuth from BETWEEN A CLUTCH AND A HARD PLACE and WHEN GOOD BRAS GO BAD, is suspicious when the mall Santa is found dead “on the throne”–the Santa Land throne, that is. The police are saying it was suicide, but Myrtle knows no self-respecting Santa Claus would let himself die in front of the children! She goes undercover to investigate the suicide and uncovers more than she bargained for!

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When Good Bras Go Bad (Myrtle Crumb Series)


Bras Cover Myrtle Crumb, the sassy sixty-something sleuth from BETWEEN A CLUTCH AND A HARD PLACE, is back. This time she must go undercover in the middle school cafeteria to prove her granddaughter is not a thief. Still, Sunny knows more than she’s telling; and it’s starting to affect her relationship with her grandmother. Is Sunny’s new friend Alicia the thief? If so, how far will Sunny go to protect her? Sunny might be fixing to learn a powerful lesson: that betrayal “is like when a good bra goes bad. First it lets you down, and then that under wire pokes you right in the heart.”

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 Between A Clutch and A Hard Place 

When Myrtle Crumb buys a purse at a consignment shop, she’s surprised to find a note inside. The note says, “If anything happens to me, look to Jim. He did it.” It’s signed Flora Adams. It isn’t long before Myrtle meets Jim Adams and learns he’s a widower. Did the man she’s dating murder his wife? Myrtle had better find out in a hurry!

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