Cake Decorating Mystery Series


“One day I found myself happily reading . . . mysteries by Gayle Trent. If she can win me over . . . she’s got a great future.” —Dean Koontz, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Both Gayle and I are fascinated with the ins and outs of baking and decorating and the convoluted backstories that make it all so exciting; the crème de la crème for a mystery writer. A must read for cake bakers and anyone who has ever spent creative time in the kitchen!” – Kerry Vincent, Hall of Fame Sugar Artist, Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show Director, Television Personality

“Entertaining…and tasty read” – Entertainment Weekly

“For people who love a tasty cake and a cozy murder mystery, Murder Takes the Cake is a delicious read.” -Suzanne Pitner,

“The breezy story line is fun to follow…Daphne is a solid lead character as she follows the murder recipe one step at a time to the delight of sub-genre readers.” – Harriet Klausner, The Mystery Gazette

“I absolutely was startled to find out whodunnit at the end and it was not one of those lame-o choices so the author could hurry and finish up. I could identify with Daphne’s relationship with her family. I think this was the part I liked best. Daphne has a cautious and teeth gritting relationship with her mother, a loving warm one with her father and her sister. And the cake baking and decorating!!! I didn’t get the recipes in the copy I reviewed, so will get the book just for those. This is one of my criteria for a cozy, it makes me want to learn how to do the activity that’s the basis of the character and story……This one makes me want to learn how to decorate cakes. Four frosted beans!” – Vixen’s Daily Reads

“…a sweetly satisfying mystery that’ll have you licking your lips for more!” – Christine Verstraete, Searching for a Starry Night, a Miniature Art Mystery

“Murder Takes the Cake has all the right ingredients for a delicious read.” – Ellen Crosby, author of The Bordeaux Betrayal

Embroidery Mystery Series

“This great cozy has a lively cast, including a heroine who has enough curiosity to throw herself into the mystery without seeming reckless, and a loveable Irish wolfhound. The complex puzzle to be solved incorporates engaging factual information about needlework. The pace is fast and the puns are amusing. Pop culture references are a trademark of this series and make this installment both contemporary and realistic.” – Page Traynor, RT Book Reviews (Thread End was a June 2014 RT Top Pick!)

“If her debut here is any indication, Lee’s new series is going to be fun, spunky and educational. She smoothly interweaves plot with her character’s personality and charm, while dropping tantalizing hints of stitching projects and their history. Marcy Singer is young, fun, sharp and likable. Readers will be looking forward to her future adventures.” – Pat Cooper, RT Book Reviews (RT Book Reviews nominated The Quick and the Thread for a 2010 Book Reviewers’ Choice Award in the Amateur Sleuth category)

“This intriguing amateur sleuth has evil hiding in a small town which seems serene on the surface. The heroine gets drawn into the investigation because the police chief refuses to believe the two murders are linked to each other and the fraud. So the two friends for life determinedly search for the killer to take back their town. The cast is solid especially the dynamic detectives, but what makes The Quick and the Thread riveting is their inquiry comes across as reasonable and plausible.” – Harriet Klausner

“With a likable, spunky heroine named Marcy Singer and her lovable Irish Wolfhound Angus (not to mention the mannequin she frequently talks to!)–as well as interesting “friends next door” (who happen to own a coffee shop!), The Quick and the Thread features great plotting, believable characters and interesting twists. In short, I loved it!” – Janet Boyer, author of Back in Time Tarot

“Fans of the genre will take kindly to Marcy, her Irish wolfhound, Angus O’Ruff, and Tallulah Falls. This is a fast, pleasant read with prose full of pop culture references and, of course, sharp needlework puns.” – Publishers Weekly

“I found this book to be entertaining. Marcy is persistent in trying to find out both who killed Timothy Enright and what the mysterious message means. She goes by the old saying: “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” – Lady P.I. –

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