Sew Deadly – Issue 88

Posted on Feb 05 2014

Marcy’s Musings

Okay, I misspoke in my last issue. But that’s okay. I couldn’t wait another day to share this with you. Isn’t she beautiful? I think she’s as ready for springtime as I am! And she’s on this blog of free cross-stitch designs. My only problem is that I can’t click through to the pattern. Can you? If so, or if you know how I can get this pattern, will you let me know?! Thank you!


3 responses to “Sew Deadly – Issue 88”

  1. Donna E says:

    I am thinking that it is an illegal copy…I found the original website and they have it for sale ($15). The site you were trying to download from might have had to remove the “free” link. There is so much of this going around in the stitching community, that it is really hard to tell the difference from the originals and the illegal ones. Hope this helps.

    ~ Donna

  2. Gayle says:

    Thank you, Donna! It is certainly worth the money. I’m sorry I led readers to a bad site!

  3. Donna E says:

    I agree…Beautiful chart and worth the $!

    ~ Donna

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