Sew Deadly – Issue 70

Posted on Jun 12 2013

Marcy’s Musings

Hi, all! Happy summer! (Unofficially, I know, but still….) I love it that school is out, and the shop is often buzzing with kids shopping with their moms or grandparents, teens shopping on their own, and even people who didn’t even intend to shop but came in to pet Angus. It’s a happy time of year. The theme of freedom really abounds in summer, doesn’t it? It begins with Memorial Day when we remember those who died that we might have our freedoms, and ends with Labor Day when we all feel as if we have to buckle down and get back to work…even those of us who’ve been working all along! But, let’s not dwell on the end of summer. It’s just begun! If you don’t believe me, ask Jill. Our marvelous mannequin is decked out in white linen shorts, a crocheted coral bikini top with a matching cover up, and a straw hat. She is ready to hit the beach! Of course, if she did, the tide would wash her out to sea and we’d never see poor Jill again. So, alas, she must stay here at the counter of the Seven Year Stitch. Gee…must I end every thought on a sad note? Okay, how’s this: let’s picture Ted at the beach. Swim trunks, shirtless…. Ah, much better. Now I’m feeling all From Here to Eternity. 😉

Spotlight on: Marie Claire

Hooray for Marie Claire! In their May 2013 issue, they spotlighted the embroidered bohemian trendvest. Here is a beautiful example (vest by Isabel Marant), and their website has a slideshow featuring more examples. You’ll have to scroll through to see them all, though. Additional pieces in the slideshow include jewelry and shoes.

Doing it Yourself:

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