Killer Cakes – Issue 67

Posted on Jun 03 2013



Cake Central has done a wonderful job in a recent newsletter extolling the virtues of wafer paper. Writer Leanne Winslow calls wafer paper “an under-appreciated decorating medium when it comes to cakes.” Check out her article for additional images of cakes made using wafer paper decorations. I love the delicate butterflies on this one!

If you’re interested in learning more about decorating with wafer paper, search Cake Central for additional articles and images. Also, check out the wafer paper rose tutorial by Deborah Stauch. Deborah gives readers a step-by-step, illustrated tutorial on making wafer paper roses.

Have you ever worked with wafer paper? If so, what are your thoughts on the medium?

wafer roses



One response to “Killer Cakes – Issue 67”

  1. Donna W. says:

    Very pretty!!! What a neat idea! =

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