Killer Cakes – Issue 65

Posted on May 06 2013

Welcome!cake vase

American Cake Decorating recently posted that British sugar company Tate & Lyle welcomed a few lucky people to their Tasting House. The company set up a series of rooms in a hotel. Each room was dedicated to one of the company’s new range of sugars. There was a British drawing room with the cake vase pictured (additional photos are at the American Cake Decorating site). There was a Mississippi room with a five-foot long Mardi Gras Cake (the baby heads are really creepy), and a room with an Easter Island statue. In the bedroom, there were edible cushions, a meringue rug, and a bathtub filled with caramel corn.

According to American Cake Decorating, fourteen British cake makers spent over 2,900 hours baking and decorating the treats that filled the rooms. Cake makers included Cakeadoodledoo, Rosalind Miller Cakes, Two Little Cats Bakery, and All Mine Patisserie.

All of the treats, by the way, were available for tasting. Wow, Hotel Willy Wonka! 🙂

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