Sew Deadly – Issue 61

Posted on Feb 06 2013

Marcy’s Musings

Hello! Are you guys freezing out there? I know the little groundhog in Pennsylvania didn’t see his shadow, and that’s supposed to mean an early spring; but it can’t get here soon enough for me!


Site Spotlight: & Stitches

This UK site is a treasure trove of information for stitchers. For example, the February 5 blog post was all about stitcher’s needles. It can be really tough to decide which needle to use for which project sometimes. I personally prefer dull needles as long as they’ll still pass through the material, although I can’t always find them. I inevitably wind up getting stuck. 🙁

& Stitches also has a downloadable ezine! Issue 5 is now available. Check out the blog post announcing Issue 5 and detailing its features. The ezine costs £4.95 and contains several beautiful patterns, such as the one above.

I’m delighted to have found & Stitches through Nicole at Follow The White Bunny, and I look forward to keeping up with their posts and future ezine issues!

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