Sew Deadly – Issue 54

Posted on Oct 17 2012

Marcy’s Musings

Well, guess who’s visiting me today IN PERSON? Amanda Lee!!!! And Gayle Trent!!!! I’m so excited to meet them…er, her…at last! So, we’ll go visit, and I’ll be sure to fill you in on our time together in upcoming newsletters. In the meantime, here is another sneak peek of THREAD ON ARRIVAL:

I went home to get Angus before opening the shop. We’d just been at the Seven-Year Stitch for a moment–I hadn’t even had time to hang my jacket in my office–when Sadie rushed in.

“What’s this I hear about a treasure map?” she asked.

I groaned. “Oh, no. That ignorant, spiteful Keira! What did she say?”

“She said you were talking about someone giving you a treasure map for safekeeping.” Sadie sat down on the sofa facing the street. “She said it’s rumored to be a treasure worth millions.”

I let out a growl of frustration as I stormed into my office, hung my jacket on the coatrack, and put my purse and tote bag under the desk. Angus retreated to his bed under the counter in the shop.

“Does that reaction mean it’s true?” Sadie called.

“No!” I came out of the office and stooped by Angus’s bed. “I’m sorry, baby.” I stroked his head. “I’m not angry with you.”

He wagged his tail but stayed where he was.

I straightened and went to sit beside Sadie. “You know what this is, don’t you?” I asked. “This is Keira’s attempt to have me inundated with treasure hunters. I told her there wasn’t a treasure.”

“Is there?”

“I seriously doubt it.” I explained about my visit with Mr. Cantor, his showing me the tapestry, and his hope that it would prove to be a map that would lead him to a treasure that would help solve all his family’s woes. “It’s an old tapestry. His mother probably used to entertain him with stories of pirates and treasure when he was a little boy. And now that he’s…well…in his second childhood, he’s returned to those dreams because he sees no other alternative to his family’s money problems. I guess he figures it makes about as much sense–maybe more so–than the lottery.”

“Well, gee…that’s sad,” Sadie said.

“It is. You’d love this little old guy, Sadie. I wanted to adopt him and bring him home with me.” Tears pricked the backs of my eyes. “He says he deserves for his son to mistreat him. But he doesn’t. He’s a dear, sweet man.” I blinked back the tears and sniffled. “I’m going to take another look at that tapestry, too. If there’s any way it is a treasure map, I’ll help him find that treasure.”

Sadie sighed. “You started that class–what–last night?”

I nodded.

“I knew you’d get in over your head with this group before everything was said and done, but this has to be a record even for you.”




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  1. donna melenyzer says:

    I hope you are still writting amanda lee embrodery books it is just getting “good” with her and the other town residents, ted, todd and audrey, sadie, blake!I personnaly don’t like Big dogs the breed scares me, but I have chihuhua which are “Big” in spirit!Enjoying threads on arrival, donna

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