Killer Cakes – Issue 51

Posted on Oct 08 2012


Today we’re talking with Shannon, of Cakes by Shannon. The cakes pictured are some of her creations. See more at her website.

Tell Killer Cakes’ readers a little bit about yourself, Shannon.

I began decorating cakes in 2000. It is very therapeutic for me. I enjoy creating flavors and coming up with different design ideas. I never get tired of hearing a client say that their cake is just too pretty to cut. I have to just thank them and remind them that it is  cake and they should enjoy every bite of it.

Where are you located, and how far are you willing to travel to deliver a cake?

I am located in Clinton Iowa and provide cakes within a 100 mile radius of Clinton.

How did you get started in cake decorating?

I began decorating cakes in 1997 after seeing a basket of pansies cake on the front of the Wilton 1997 yearbook. I fell in love with    the cake and just had to learn how to make it.

Do you have any advice for aspiring bakers?    

My advice would be follow your true passion, challenge yourself  often and make the most of each and every day.

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