Amanda and Gayle’s Excellent Adventure

Posted on Oct 22 2012

First Look

As you might know, Amanda Lee/Gayle Trent went to visit Marcy Singer, the heroine from the embroidery mystery series , on the Oregon coast last week. Here is a travelogue of the trip:

My first glimpse of the beach behind the condo where I stayed. I was wearing sandals, but I quickly took them off to enjoy walking in the sand near the ocean.  It was cool (to me) but actually unseasonably warm in Lincoln City at about seventy degrees.

I thought it was so cool how the mountains met the ocean. In Virginia, we typically have mountains, flatlands, and then oceans. In Oregon, I saw huge mountain ranges bordered by the ocean.

Beautiful Sunset


I was really lonely as I walked on the beach. I kept speaking to older people and to couples. The couples who had dogs romping about were especially friendly. However, a lot of people in Oregon seemed to think I had an accent…which was odd, considering most of them had accents….

Day Two

The hotel manager and maintenance man were shocked that I requested my thermostat to be set to seventy degrees in both the living room and the bedroom. I said, “I tried to adjust it last night and did something wrong. The bedroom is cold, and the living room is boiling lava hot.” The manager asked, “Where are you from again?” I said, “Virginia.” The maintenance man said in a heavily accented voice, “I thought I detected an accent.” ??? Um, hello Pot. I’m Kettle, and you’re black.

Actually, that day, the accent became a running theme. I went into a store to buy a CD to listen to on the drive back to Portland. I’d learned on the way to Lincoln City that radio stations between the two points are few, far between, and not in my taste range. Anyway, I got to talking with the two women behind the counter. I told them where I was from and why I was visiting Lincoln City. They took my business card and said they’d be looking me up. As I left, I told them, “Thanks! Ya’ll have a good day!” I heard one say to the other, “She said, ya’ll! Wasn’t that cute?!”

After leaving the CD store, I was trying to find a restaurant for lunch. I got lost.  If I hadn’t got lost, though, I wouldn’t have seen this view: Isn’t it gorgeous? I was up on a mountain where there was a lot of construction going on. Houses were being built on stilts. I was trying to see how exactly they were being constructed, but I couldn’t do so without going off a cliff.

I had lunch at McMenamin’s, the Lighthouse Brewpub. I had a steak salad and a wonderful black and tan brownie with Tillamook vanilla bean ice cream and caramel sauce. Then I took a tour of the brewery and met Doug (a/k/a the real-life Todd!), who taught me a lot about craft brewing.



After leaving the pub, I went in search of souvenirs. I was accustomed to seeing souvenir shops by the dozen when I visited beaches on the east coast. I was hard pressed to find a souvenir shop in Lincoln City.

I finally found Treasures of the Sea and Captain Charlie Womack. Mr. Womack’s shop had treasures, but he was the best one of all! He was a fellow Virginian, and he was delighted that I’d stumbled across his store! We shared stories like old friends, and I promised to keep in touch.

Afterward, I went to the Driftwood Library where I met these wonderful people:

 And I also met Bob and Diana from Bob’s Beach Books:

And it was all thanks to Ken Hobbes and the Driftwood Library Foundation for bringing me to Lincoln City.

All told, I had a wonderful time, despite the fact that my trip home was delayed a day because my flight to Chicago was canceled and I had to stay in Portland overnight. Thanks to that delay, though,  I met Trish and Joel, a pilot who reminded me of Bill Clinton, and a lovely couple from Waco, Texas. It was quite the adventure.

4 responses to “Amanda and Gayle’s Excellent Adventure”

  1. Jean Merriott says:

    I can tell you had a fun time on your trip. Isn’t it nice to meet people from all walks of life & see new places, too? Do hope you are in a safe place during this Big Storm..Sandy.
    Love your books…looking forward to your new one.

  2. Gayle says:

    It certainly is nice, Jean. So far, Sandy has only brought us some snow. We’ve been fortunate.

    Thanks so much for your kindness & encouragement!

    Take care!

  3. Sherry Hooker says:

    What a wonderful tour you had. And I just bet you got lots of ideas for an upcoming book 🙂

    Hunker down and stay safe.

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