Sew Deadly – Issue 49

Posted on Aug 08 2012

Marcy’s Musings

Hi, guys! Happy August! What’s one of your favorite things about August? Mine is shopping for school supplies. Sure, I haven’t been in school for years now, but I still like getting deals on office supplies. And I enjoy seeing all the new products manufacturers come out with year after year. And that, my stitching buddies, is my intro into this issue’s product spotlight. (Was that smooth? What did you think? If you groaned, don’t tell me–I’d rather not know.)

Product Spotlight: Rainbow Transfer Paper

The link above won’t allow me to copy and paste a photograph here, but you can click on the link to see examples of the work. I’m thinking of trying this. According to the website, you use white thread to create your design, and this paper dyes it to graduated, pastel colors.

According to the site, stitchers must “hoop the item and lay parchment paper or lightweight tear away stabilizer over the area to be embroidered and then dyed with the transfer paper.” The stabilizer should be tested to protect the rest of the surface from being dyed along with the threads the embroiderer wants colored. The design must then be stitched using white polyester thread. Then cut out a piece of transfer paper, place it on the area you want dyed, and then press with a hot iron for twenty seconds. The embroiderer is instructed not to remove the piece from the hoop if further embroidery is to be done. As instructed on the site, simply remove the transfer paper and the parchment paper to continue stitching.

I’m wondering if it might be easier to simply use varigated embroidery floss. Have you or someone you know used this method of dying thread? If so, what was your impression? I look forward to your comments!



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