Killer Cakes – Issue 45

Posted on Jul 16 2012


How would you like to drive this car down the street? It’s kinda cute, right? But get this: it’s a cake!

In the most current issue of Slice, a free e-mail newsletter provided by American Cake Decorating magazine,  Mike Elder of Black Sheep Custom Cakes established a new world record for fastest edible vehicle.

Are you finding it hard to believe the car was edible? Then check out this picture:

Click the link to can see more pictures of the KC Cakefest Event. The two-day event was held in Kansas City in March and raised money for the charity The Whole Person. Next year’s KC Cakefest will be held on March 2-3. See Black Sheep Custom Cakes for more information.

5 responses to “Killer Cakes – Issue 45”

  1. Kate Oliver says:

    I love both your cake decorating series & your embroidery series. They are both some of my favorite creative outlets. The recipes & projects are inspiring as well. Thank you for filling a void in the cozy mystery genre with your writing.

  2. Lynn Moon says:

    Wow. Those corn on the cob cakes look fantastic! Well, I’ve gotto fess up; I’ve always had a sweet tooth. LOL

    Lynn M (

  3. Kelly says:


    I am entering your contest for “The long stitch goodnight”. I also hope you have a wonderful birthday!


  4. Lori Myers says:

    have a great birthday!! Love your books and am entering your latest contest. Keep up the good work!

  5. Robin says:

    Hello Gayle, Thank you for the e-mail letting me know about the contest. Love your books and anxious for more. Can’t wait for the next one. Thank you again.

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