Killer Cakes – Issue 43

Posted on Jun 11 2012


If you’re heading out to a summer barbecue or picnic this upcoming weekend, why not take along some of these adorable cupcakes I found at!

Corn on the Cobcake


White and yellow jelly beans (we used Jelly Belly brand)

White-frosted cupcakes

White decorating sugar

Yellow Starburst candies

Corn holders

Corn plates



1. For each ear, press rows of jelly bean kernels onto three frosted cupcakes. Line up the cupcakes and sprinkle decorating sugar across the tops.

2. To make a candy butter pat, microwave a Starburst for about eight seconds, stretch it into a melted-butter shape, then set it on top of the center cupcake.

3. Add a corn holder to each end of the cob, and serve on a corn plate.


3 responses to “Killer Cakes – Issue 43”

  1. Shawn says:

    I just LOVE idea. I am GOING to make these for our next BBQ.

  2. Jill cross says:

    Looking forward to another adventure. Have loved all your previous books. The dog days of summer is a perfect time to curl up with one of your books. I’m now caring for my elderly parents & I get a break to read when they nap.

  3. Jill cross says:

    August is a perfect time to curl up with another one of your mysteries

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