Sew Deadly – Issue 43

Posted on May 09 2012

Marcy’s Musings

I finally got around to making this pattern I bought from Follow The White Bunny a while back. It’s a pindsvin, which is Danish for hedgehog. I love this little guy rowing his teacup along with his spoon, and now he is adorning a tote bag.

The pattern was fun to stitch and took me only a couple of evenings. I used a metallic lavender thread to encircle the hedgehog (dubbed “Pickles” by Lianna Trent). If you work with metallic thread very often then you already know this; but if you don’t, be aware that it tends to knot up easily and that it can be hard on your fingertips. I found myself wishing I’d worn finger guards to work with it since I had to grasp the needle very tightly in order to pull the thread through.

Be sure and check out the blog Follow the White Bunny and the blog &Stitches for more fun stitching news!

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  1. wendy says:

    oh how sweet!! I know what you mean about metallic threads, they look beautiful but can be a real pain to sew with

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