Sew Deadly – Issue 41

Posted on Apr 11 2012

Marcy’s Musings

The other day, it was storming and I needed something to keep my hands busy. I didn’t have a particular project ongoing, so I opted to make this gift bag. I got the tote bag at a dollar store, free-handed the flower onto the tote with a marker, and used French knots and straight stitches to flesh out the design. Now, I realize that I could’ve probably bought a gift bag at that dollar store for the same amount I paid for the tote bag and saved myself the trouble of embellishing it. But, this way, when I give a gift, the bag becomes an “extra” rather than a throwaway. It could be used as a reusable shopping bag, kept folded in a purse to use when buying small items. Plus, it kept me busy while the storm raged on outside. 🙂

So tell me about YOUR creative side? What are you making in your spare time?

2 responses to “Sew Deadly – Issue 41”

  1. Candace hoff says:

    Is there a pattern for Boulevards of Broken Dreams?

  2. Gayle says:

    Hi, Candace:

    I haven’t been able to find one. However, you could put the image into a cross-stitch pattern generator (such as PC Stitch) and make one. I bet it would be gorgeous!

    Take care,

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