Sew Deadly – Issue 39

Posted on Mar 14 2012

Marcy’s Musings

The Long Stitch Goodnight is being released on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. This book is the fourth in the embroidery mystery series written by Amanda Lee. The book takes place around Saint Patrick’s Day, so I want to share a brief excerpt with you today:

* * *

The movie had just ended. Angus was asleep on his back in front of the television. His long gray legs would twitch occasionally, making me wonder what he was chasing. Sadie and I were sitting on my white, overstuffed sofa with an empty popcorn bowl between us. The credits were rolling, and we were debating who looked better scruffy—Colin Farrell, who had starred in this particular movie, or Johnny Depp, who had not. My vote was for Johnny.

“Come on,” I said. “Can you beat Johnny Depp for scruffy, swarthy hotness? Captain Jack Sparrow, Mort Rainey…? Hello?”

Sadie smiled. “While I’ll admit—”

The phone rang.

I held up an index finger. “Hold that thought.” I answered the phone with a chirpy hello.

“Marcy, I need to speak to Sadie,” Blake said.

He sounded odd, so I didn’t tease him about drinking too much and needing his ride home. I merely handed Sadie the phone. “It’s Blake.”

“Are you ready for me to come get you?” she asked.

I watched her smile fade.

“You’re where? I’ll be right there.” She turned the phone off and returned it to the table. “He’s in jail.”

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