Sew Deadly – Issue 35

Posted on Jan 18 2012

Marcy’s Musings

Hi! It’s pretty cold and icky here on the coast of Oregon. If it’s that way where you are, I thought you might want to cheer up a friend (and yourself) by making an easy snowman greeting card to brighten up her day.

Take a washable fabric pen and trace a snowman design from a greeting card or other illustration. Or use two or three graduated sizes of circles (a glass, a soda can, and a bottle lid, for example) to trace the design onto your white fabric. Use either red or black embroidery floss to go over your design and to make your snowman’s facial features, scarf, or buttons.

When you’ve finished, take a damp sponge and “erase” the fabric pen markings. Allow the fabric to dry. Then place it in a card with a cut-out for your design. Voila! You’ve made a card for your friend, you’ve relaxed and gotten rid of some stress, and you’re happy imagining how pleased your friend will be when she gets your card. 🙂

For more stitching ideas, please see my Embroidery Patterns.

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