Killer Cakes – Issue 28

Posted on Sep 05 2011


As I’d hoped, I now have the cover for Killer Sweet Tooth to share with you. The book is set to be released on October 11 in paperback and ebook. Below is Publisher’s Weekly’s take on the book:

At the start of Trent’s entertaining third Daphne Martin cake cozy (after 2009’s Dead Pan), baker Daphne and her friend, Myra Jenkins, make an emergency visit to the dentist in Brea Ridge, Va., where they discover Dr. Jim Bainsworth dead on the exam room floor. Hearing a noise, they arm themselves with a giant model tooth and toothbrush, useless weapons but enough to persuade the arriving police that they’re guilty of something. After hours being grilled like perps, the two are released, but the surprises aren’t over. Just as Daphne is unlocking her front door, she’s accosted by an Elvis impersonator who wants to order a pink Cadillac cake for the Elvis Impersonators’ Evangelical Interdenominational Outreach convention, but before Daphne starts on the cake, she and Myra need to find a killer. A little jealousy from boyfriend Ben Jacobs and some smalltown gossip add to the mix for a tasty read, despite a few minor plot holes. (Oct.)


Event Spotlight: Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, October 1-2, 2011

I got a wonderful surprise when Kerry Vincent told me she will be promoting Killer Sweet Tooth at this year’s Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show in Tulsa, OK the first weekend of October. Kerry ROCKS! And that’s appropriate because the theme for this year’s show is Wedding Cakes Rock!  This year’s presenters include Darci L. Rochau, Karen Portaleo, and Joshua John Russell.

Kerry has had some tremendous personal achievements this past year. She puts it best on the OSSA website:

On a personal level, the years 2010/2011 have been spectacular for me. Cover ‘girl’ with 10-page story for the premiere issue of Cake Central’s magazine; my wedding cake featured in Brides magazine spring issue in the top twenty designs in the nation. Face the Judges editorial in the National Culinary Review, cover story Baking Buyer (August). Interviews on Australian radio generated by a 4-page mainstream story in the Australian Women’s Weekly June issue (3.2 million circulation). Being inducted into Dessert Professional’s Hall of Fame, my second Hall of Fame Award. A Kerry Vincent page was designed uploaded and I am recognized as a regular cast member on Food Network’s own website. Watch out for my cake design which will be on the cover of Cake Central magazine 1st anniversary issue out March! Great interviews in my homeland with ABC Australia

Wyalkatchems reality tv sugar artist champion – ABC Mid West WA – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Cake Decorating – the art of sugar! – ABC New South Wales – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Regina Varolli: Chatting with Food Network Challenge’s Kerry Vincent.

Baking Buyer – ActiveMagazine by Olive Software then click on “Back Issues” and select August 2010.

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