Killer Cakes – Issue 26

Posted on Jul 04 2011


Happy Independence Day, America!

In honor of the occasion, I’ve found some cute Fourth of July-inspired cakes for you:

I found the star cake at Wilton and the eagle cake at

Sneak Peek: Killer Sweet Tooth

[This scene is from Chapter One. Myra has come over to play Scrabble with Daphne.]

I had the Scrabble board set up on the island with the two stools set on opposite sides of the island. The cashew brittle and chocolate-covered raisins were plated and on a tray to the right side of the board along with a large bowl of popcorn. The Scrabble tiles were to the left.
“What would you like to drink?” I asked.
“Something hot. That wind chilled me to the bone on my walk over,” she said. “How about a decaf café au lait?”
I smiled. “Sounds good to me.”
Myra sat down and began choosing her tiles. “Great. Nearly all vowels. How am I supposed to make a word out of this mess?”
“Just put those back and draw some new letters.” I have a single-cup coffee maker, so I began making Myra’s café au lait.
“No, now, you know I don’t cheat,” she said. “I’ll make do with the letters I have. Maybe some of this cashew brittle will help me think.”
The next sound I heard was a howl of pain.
“Myra? What is it?”
“Owwww, my toot . . . my filling…fell out!” She rocked back and forth on the stool.
I turned the coffee maker off. “Who’s your dentist? I’ll call him and ask if he can meet you in his office.” Don’t think I was being sexist when I said “him.” There are only two dentists in Brea Ridge, and they’re both men.
I got “Bainsworth” out of the mumbled word and rushed into the living room to retrieve my phone book from the end table. I called the dentist’s office and then dialed the emergency number left on the answering machine. Dr. Bainsworth answered the call immediately.

[Little did I know what I was about to get myself into. Stay tuned….]

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