Killer Cakes – Issue 23

Posted on Mar 14 2011


If you’ll recall, in my last issue I mentioned Gayle was hoping to do a book signing at a local Barnes & Noble to coincide with the release of Murder Takes the Cake. She has been scheduled for a reading/signing at the Barnes & Noble in Johnson City, Tennessee, on Saturday, April 2 at 2 p.m. If you’re in the area, please stop by! She’d love to meet you.

Even if–or maybe especially if–you aren’t in the Southwest Virginia/East Tennessee region, be sure to mark your calendar for the Facebook virtual release party on March 29. That promises to be a fun day as well.

I called it right in the last issue when I told you about Gayle becoming a blogger for Killer Characters. Myra Jenkins was the very first one of us to blog. But that’s okay. She said some really nice things about me and my cakes. 🙂

Project Spotlight: Floral Petits Fours

Actually, I suppose you could call these petits fleurs. ((giggle)) This is just a quick batch I made to test the new Nordic Ware baking pans, but I think they turned out really well. With the huge bundt cake mix that came with the pans, I had enough to fill both cake pans and a six-inch round pan.

I decorated the cakes using icing tubes like you’d use for cookies, rather than take the time to use a decorator bag and tips. I see a lot of possibilities for these, though, don’t you? For example, I could dip them in various colors of candy melts to create a colorful, completely covered bouquet. Or I could drizzle them with a vanilla glaze. Or I could decorate them like tiny cupcakes.

Just the way they were, they were delicious. Leslie, my niece, especially loved them. I even gave her mom a few to put in her lunch.

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