Killer Cakes – Issue 22

Posted on Mar 01 2011


I’m getting excited about the rerelease of Murder Takes the Cake on March 29. As a matter of fact, I was so wired, I forgot to post yesterday! But here I am today.

You’ll be seeing more of me as Gayle begins blogging at Killer Characters. Gayle’s blog date is the 12th of each month, so I’ll be there. I imagine Myra will put in an appearance, too. You know how she loves to be in the thick of things. Amanda Lee’s character Marcy Singer, as well as other Tallulah Falls denizens, will be there as well.

Look for Murder Takes the Cake on the trade paper front of store new release table at Barnes & Noble stores from April 5 – April 8. Gayle is hoping to do a BN signing or two. If she can’t make it to your area, but your BN is interested in signed bookplates, please let her know!

Also look for Murder Takes the Cake in the April e-newsletter of, Buzzing About Books, and in Mystery Scene Magazine and Suspense Magazine. Plus, you won’t want to miss the Facebook launch party on March 29! If you’ve attended Gayle’s virtual new release parties in the past, then you already know what all the excitement is about. If you haven’t, be sure and “like” her FB page¬†and then visit the page first thing on the morning of March 29 to get in on all the giveaways!

Item Spotlight: Nordic Ware Bakeware

I recently bought some Nordic Ware baking pans (my first from this company). I took them out of the box yesterday and was absolutely delighted! I got the 3D Easter Bunny pan and the mini flowers pan. They came with vanilla bean Bundt cake mixes, so I’m eager to bake up some flowers and see how they turn out. I’ll be sure and post photographs.

Have any of you used Nordic Ware bakeware? If so, please give me some product feedback!

2 responses to “Killer Cakes – Issue 22”

  1. I am a huge fan of the various “mini bundt” pans that Nordic makes–the ones that make anywhere from six to twelve items per pan. If you’d like to see a recipe I use ALL the time with mine that works really well, it’s for raspberry truffle mini-cakes and it’s here:

    The timing on that recipe is for a mini-bundt. Enjoy! Can’t wait to read your book!

  2. JackieW says:

    I have a standard -size Bundt cake pan of Nordic Ware and have had it for many, many years…I love it! It bakes really good cakes. I even used it in my Home Economics classes for demonstration purposes. You can’t go wrong using their products.

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