Killer Cakes – Issue 20

Posted on Jan 17 2011


How are you getting through these cold, snowy days? Are you baking? Reading? Baking and reading? Maybe you could use some hot coffee and warm conversation. If you’re a cake decorator, or merely someone interested in the craft, you might want to check out a cake decorating event. For example, if you live in or near Rockland, MA, you might want to attend the MassICES Winter Classes and Day of Sharing.  If you live near Hartford, Connecticut, you might want to check out the Connecticut Cake Competition and Live Cake Challenge on February 26 and 27, 2011.  Also on February 26 and 27 in Austin is the Caked Crusaders: That Takes the Cake! Sugar Art Show and Cake Competition.

Spotlight: ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe)

ICES is an organization where cake decorating enthusiasts can meet, communicate, educate and learn. The group has a newsletter, and you can view archived articles online.

Regular domestic dues for ICES is $60 per year, and international dues are $75.  The site features a list of confectionary artists, upcoming events, classes, and recipes.

2 responses to “Killer Cakes – Issue 20”

  1. Sunnymay says:

    The cake pictured seems to be in a world class all by itself, almost too pretty and too perfect to eat. I remember years ago, a friend had a kitchen hobby of making cakes to order and loved decorating them and also had unusual choices for cake like date-nut. She said you could have different layers like mix and match. It sounded so good and she had a notebook with cake photos in sheet protectors – her portfolio. I ordered a baby shower cake from her and it was sweet with little baby shoes on it.

  2. Gayle says:

    That sounds great! I saw a cake on TV yesterday that Carlo’s Bakery had made for Sesame Street. Too cute!

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