Killer Cakes – Issue 18

Posted on Dec 20 2010


Happy birthday, Jesus!

That’s the theme of this week’s issue of Killer Cakes. Here are some cakes submitted by talented members of Cake Central to mark the occasion:

This cake was submitted by CC member chillysmommy.

And this one was created by CC member adalyscr.

This one was made by CC member boofycakes.

The one to the right was created by CC member creas.

This cake was made by CC member diamond008.

I don’t know if you can see from the thumbnail, but this cake made by CC member mommyle has Merry Christmas and stars on the top, angels on the top layer side, the Madonna and Child on the second tier, the Magi on the third, and the shepherds on the fourth!

And, finally, check out this creation from CC member newtodecorating.  For more terrific ideas, check out Cake Central!

When I researched Jesus birthday cakes, I also found that some cakes are made with chocolate, strawberry, and green layers. The chocolate is to represent our sins. The strawberry (or white with red food coloring) layer signifies that our sins are covered by the blood of Christ. And the green layer reminds us to continue to grow in His love. Some bloggers suggested putting a large white candle in the center of the cake and having guests use the candle to light smaller candles to represent carrying the light of Christ into the world.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. GladysMP says:

    I loved seeing the cakes and especially liked the idea of the three colors for the tiers of the cakes. Thanks for sharing.

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