Killer Cakes – Issue 12

Posted on May 03 2010


This past week I heard from Gayle’s editor Danielle that she’s been roped into making a cow cake for her best friend’s birthday. Danielle has never done a sculpted cake, and she asked my advice. I advised Danielle to rent Season 1 of Ace of Cakes. However, I have been able to find some sculpted cake instructional videos to share with you. So, rather than spotlight a particular bakery in this issue, we’re spotlighting sculpting cakes.

Technique Spotlight: Sculpted Cakes

Here is a video instructing viewers in how to make a sculpted dog by Elisa Strauss of Confetti Cakes. Too cute!

Quickly sculpting a “love bug” car:

And even a baby made for a sculpted cake contest in 2006:

Hope this helps Danielle and everybody else with making sculpted cakes! If you make one, please share photos with us.

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