Sew Deadly – Issue 4

Posted on Dec 09 2009

Marcy’s Musings

Marcy1Hi, everybody! How are you? I hope you’re fine and not too stressed out with Christmas shopping, preparing for holiday parties and worrying about all those extra calories you might be consuming. Who am I kidding? There’s no might about it. I’ll be consuming extra calories! I did see a piece of advice on controlling your holiday calorie consumption, though. The article advised, “Splurge on what you love, not on what you like.”  My problem is that I love everything! 😉

Pattern Spotlights:

Rather than do a site spotlight this week, I’m going to do a pattern spotlight. You guys still have two weeks until Christmas, and I thought you might want to make some last-minute gifts.

Here is an adorable cross-stitch fingertip towel from Michaels which wouldn’t take very long at all to make.

Here is a “hardanger for kids” pattern. Now, please don’t be offended. If you haven’t ever done hardanger, it’s a great introduction to this needlecraft. If you’ll scroll down to the bottom, you’ll see the pattern done in all white, which would make a beautiful Christmas ornament. {Note from Gayle: I printed it out, and I’m going to try it!}

Here are some adorable needlepoint ornaments that you can do as a sampler or as individual ornaments; and a needlepoint Santa who is as cute as can be.

Here is a sweet cross-stitch ornament titled “not a creature was stirring.”  

Here are some vintage Christmas embroidery designs you could do in redwork or blackwork. {Note from Gayle: I might try a few of these, too!}

Monograms are nice touches to add to gifts, such as hand towels, scarves or handkerchiefs. You could also make monogram Christmas ornaments. Here is a pattern from Plaid Online. This pattern is backward, so you can print it out on iron-on printer paper and then transfer it to your fabric. {Note from Gayle: I might give it a try!}

Okay, that’s all I’m doing today. Guys, please pray that Gayle doesn’t hurt herself trying all these new things. I think sometimes she forgets I’m the embroidery person; she’s the writer.

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