More Halloween Goodies from Daphne

Posted on Sep 21 2009

Frank1What’s Halloween without Frankenstein’s monster? Here’s a cute version you can have fun with.

Start with a cupcake iced with green-tinted frosting.




Frank2I gave my “Frankie” white hair, but feel free to give yours chocolate hair, red hair or even licorice hair.






I painted Frankie’s hair with black spray frosting. This allowed me to add more of a dark tint to his face as well.





Since the monster is supposed to be made up of excess “parts,” I used two different color candies (Skittles or M&Ms are good) for eyes with a dot of purple frosting for the pupil. I built him up a nose with additional green frosting, gave him a terrible looking mouth and used mini pretzel rods as either bolts or his own special version of the arrow through the head prank.

Have fun!

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