Writing Up A Storm – August 2009

Posted on Aug 15 2009


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Question of the Month: How can my website help/hinder my writing?
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Thanks again for joining me. I hope you have a wonderful month.

How can my website help/hinder my writing?

Before you go thinking you’ve heard all you need to know about websites, you might want to take a look at this article. I thought I knew everything I needed to know about websites, but I found I was horribly wrong when I had my website overhauled by a professional.


We’re told every writer needs a blog. So I had blogs. I had a WordPress blog, a Tripod blog and three Blogger blogs. This scattered me and my brand all over the place. While it’s good to be found in a number of places, I learned that search engines don’t recognize free sites as well as they do hosted sites. Therefore, it’s better for your main blog to be a part of your website.

More Than One Site

I had sites for different books, different names and different ventures. As a result, the web designer told me I was too fragmented. Your one website should act as a funnel, directing attention to you, building your brand as a writer and bringing everything together. Your site should define who you are and what you do. First and foremost–careerwise–I write cozy mysteries. I also do coaching and speaking. Those two features now have tabs on my main website. That way, someone who goes to a site and learns about Gayle Trent, the writing coach, will also be aware that Gayle Trent writes cozy mysteries and enjoys speaking.

What Will It Take To Get YOU To the Next Level?

Basically, you need to ask yourself where you want to be and what it will take to get you there. Do you need a more professional online image? Do you need clips to entice editors and/or agents? Are you effectively promoting your books, your writing or your coaching talents? Is your site clear and easy to navigate? If you’re not sure, ask someone to go to your site and tell you how quickly and easily they found your book; learned what your book is about; learned where to buy your book; learned how to become part of your community; learned what else you do; learned about your upcoming appearances, if any. Then, take a look at a number of sites of writers you admire to see what they’re bringing to their site that your site may be lacking. Discover how you can add something similar to your own site.

Link of the Month: Joomla Jump

Susan Gilbert of Joomla Jump was the brains behind my website overhaul. If you’re interested in checking out Joomla Jump, go over to http://www.joomlajump.com for more information.

Market Spotlight: Good Housekeeping

If you’re a short story writer, you have the opportunity to be published in the May 2010 issue of Good Housekeeping. Go to http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/family/real/short-story-contest?click=main_sr for more information.

S H A M E L E S S Self-Promotion

Gayle Trent – Bell Bridge Books has accepted the second book in the Daphne Martin mysery series, Dead Pan. Thorndike, the large-print publisher who has contracted for Murder Takes the Cake, is also interested in Dead Pan. English publisher, BBC Audiobooks, will also be publishing Murder Takes the Cake in large-print hardcover.

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  1. Ruth Hartman says:


    Can’t wait to read your sequel to “Murder Takes the Cake”


  2. Gayle says:

    Thank you so much, Ruth!

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